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Renovation Electricity Checklist

  1. Advise Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc. of your plans at 519.822.3017
  2. Advise the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA), allowing as much lead time as possible 1.877.372.7233
  3. Know the location of your
    • Fuse or circuit breaker panel
    • Electric meter
    • Electric water heater
  4. Call Before You Dig
    If you or your contractor plan to install a pool, put up a fence, plant a tree, dig a garden, landscape, excavate, or add a room to a house, call Ontario One Call at 1.800.400.2255 to locate buried cables. This is a FREE service for excavators and homeowners, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  5. Disconnection of Electricity Service
    With the receipt of a written request from the owner/ landlord, Guelph Hydro will disconnect the supply of electricity to a vacant premise. Requests can be emailed to or call Customer Service at 519.822.3010. Should the service be disconnected for more than six months, an inspection will be required from the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). We recommend you call the ESA at 1.877.372.7233 regarding possible electrical contractor work and ESA permit / inspection fees.
  6. Upgrading Service/Electrical Panel, Relocating Your Meter
    If your renovations include upgrading your electrical service/panel and/or moving your electric meter outdoors, download a Request for Electrical Services form, then call our Technical Services Department at 519.822.3017. Fill in an online for to request a Temporary Disconnection of Service.
  7. Overhead Wires
    If you are renovating or remodelling the exterior of your home, remember an aluminum ladder, antenna or any other metal tool that contacts a power line can cause result in severe injury or electrocution. Look up first!
  8. Safety of Electrical Work

There are a number of regulations in place to ensure that electrical installations are safe:

  • An electrical inspection permit should be obtained from the Department of the Electrical Safety Authority of Ontario 1.877.372.7233, which is the authority responsible for ensuring compliance with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.
  • A contractor hired to do work in the City of Guelph or Township of guelph-Eramosa must be licensed as an Electrical Contractor and employ a licensed Master Electrician. All licensed contractors must maintain minimum levels of insurance for public liability and property damage.
  • The electrical contractor must contact Guelph Hydro Technical Services before work begins to ensure compliance with Guelph Hydro Conditions of Service.
  • Equipment and materials installed as part of the work must be approved by the Canadian Standards Association or the Department of the Electrical Safety Authority of Ontario 1.877.372.7233.
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