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Economic Success

Our Strategic Approach - Creating Value and Fostering Economic Growth

At Guelph Hydro, our economic performance is a careful balancing
act of creating value for our stakeholders while facilitating the
economic growth of the communities we serve.

Guelph Hydro Inc. is committed to maintaining the Corporation's solid
financial standing and providing our Shareholder, Guelph Municipal
Holdings Inc., with an appropriate return on investment while growing
the balance sheet. As reflected in our Financial Statements, we deliver superior economic results through disciplined financial administration, careful management of risks, and strategic growth of our non-regulated businesses.

Maintaining a strong balance sheet and credit profile gives us the
ability to support significant capital investment programs that
enable us to ensure reliability, expand the network to support
community growth and invest in sustainable energy solutions
to benefit the community.

We believe being a strong, financially viable company enables us to
deliver on our social and environmental commitments. Conversely,
we believe focusing efforts on sustainability helps us increase our
financial strength.

Guelph Municipal Holdings Inc. 2014 Annual ReportLearn more about our social performance in the Guelph Municipal Holdings Inc. 2014 Annual Report or previous Sustainability Reports.


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