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Electrical Safety

Electricity is the most common energy source used today and it's very safe - as long as we remember to treat it with respect. Whether you're using electricity indoors or outdoors, at home or at work, safety must always be your priority.

a bunch of wires coming out of a wall

Circuits, Wiring and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

Use caution when working with electrical systems.

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hand grasping a compact fluorescent light bulb

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Safe handling of compact fluorescent light bulbs.

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hydro crew working on hydro poles

Downed Power Lines

Downed power lines can be deadly. Always assume they are live. Stay away and call 911.

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infant touching a wall outlet that has safety caps on the sockets

Electrical Safety Around the Home

Tips to keep your family safe around electricity.

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a bunch of cables plugged in to a receptacle on the wall

Electrical Safety in the Office

Tips to keep your workplace safe from electrical hazards.

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white lightswitch lying in the grass

Electrical Safety Outdoors

Overhead power lines are only one of the safety hazards outdoors.

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close of of glass fuse


Don't let your fuses become a safety hazard.

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green transformer box on white background 

Landscaping and Transformer Boxes on Lawns

Those green boxes on lawns contain electrical equipment that must be treated with care.

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hand operating a drill press 

Machinery and Power

Use safe work practices when working with electrical machinery.

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view of a silhouette powerline looking from the ground up 

Overhead Power Lines

Overhead power lines can be deadly if touched. Look up and beware!

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lightening strike near hydro lines 

Power Quality and Equipment Protection

Protecting sensitive electronic equipment.

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three extension cords plugged in to a power bar 

Power Tools and Extension Cords

Safe use of power tools and extension cords - on the job site or at home

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power receptacle cover with black ash on it from electrical fire 

Preventing Electrical Fires

Keep your home and business safe from electrical fires

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worker in hard hat in a tree trimming the branches back from the power line 

Trees and Power Lines

Danger! Beware of trees coming into contact with overhead power lines.

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