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Trees & Power Lines

Trees that grow too close to overhead power lines can pose a hazard to the public or utility workers and are a primary cause of power outages during severe weather.

Tree trimming around power lines is necessary to provide clearance around overhead electrical wires and apparatus for safety reasons and to ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity. Guelph Hydro contracts Asplundh Canada ULC, a certified utility arborist, to routinely trim trees in the City. Asplundh arborists are trained in proper tree trimming techniques and qualified to work near energized lines.

Only specially trained line-clearing professionals should work around power lines, but you can help make sure that trees and other vegetation do not become an issue by:

  • Planting trees away from power lines. The small sapling you plant this year could be much, much taller in years to come. If you have power lines on your property, only plant smaller shrubs or bushes under or near them.
  • Routinely trimming the trees on your property that are away from power lines. Keeping your trees trimmed on a regular basis will help avoid power outages caused by falling branches. However, never attempt to trim any vegetation growing near or on any overhead power lines. These lines are generally not insulated and can be deadly if touched by a tree limb or ladder. For the health and beauty of your tree, and for your family's safety, we strongly recommend contacting a qualified line-clearance arborist to trim and maintain your trees -- especially trees near power lines.

To report trees growing into power lines, call 519.822.3017.

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