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Environmental Stewardship

Our Strategic Approach - Developing Sustainable Energy Solutions, Championing Energy Conservation, and Protecting the Environment

At Guelph Hydro, our goal is to minimize our environmental footprint and
safeguard the environment now and for future generations. We believe
that responsible environmental management is essential to our success
and we seek to continually improve our performance.

Our vision is to lead Ontario in powering community well-being and
environmental stewardship with sustainable energy solutions. This includes
supporting the goals of the City of Guelph's Community Energy Initiative
by promoting energy conservation and developing combined heat
and power, district energy, solar and bioenergy projects to reduce the
community's carbon footprint.

On a day-to-day basis, our environmental strategy is focused on meeting
or exceeding compliance requirements with all laws, regulations and
company policies. We have made environmental management an integral
part of planning and decision-making, and adopted best practices for
managing operational and environmental risks.

2013 Sustainability Report cover

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