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Ontario Electricity Support Program

Low-income customer? You may qualify for a reduction on your electricity bill


OESP Brochure cover

The Ontario Energy Board's Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP) is helping make electricity more affordable for low-income households by providing a monthly credit on qualifying customers' electricity bills. 

The amount of the credit depends on two factors:
    1.  The number of people living in the home
    2. The combined household income

Find out how much you could receive
Read the Ontario Electricity Support Program brochure to see how much of a credit you could receive on your bill if you meet the eligibility requirements. 

Apply to receive a credit on your bill
Customers must apply to receive the credit. To apply you will need: 

- Your electricity bill
- Birthdates and names of all residents in the home as registered with the Canada Revenue Agency
- Social Insurance Numbers, Individual Tax Numbers, or temporary taxation numbers for residents over the age of 16

 Ready to apply?

  • Apply online - Visit the Ontario Electricity Support Program website to complete an online application

  • Apply by telephone - Call 1-855-831-8151 (toll free within Ontario)

  • TTY to TTY for hearing or speech impaired customers - Call 1-800-855-1155 

Low-Income Customer Service Rules

Low-income households are also eligible for the Ontario Energy Board Low-Income Customer Service Rules and may request:

  • A waiver of a security deposit

  • The return of a previously paid security deposit after any outstanding arrears have been paid

  • An equalized payent plan without needing to enrol in an automatic withdrawal payment plan using a financial institution

  • An enhanced arrears (overdue) payment schedule

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