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Unmetered Load Connections

Revision to Section 3.7.1: General Conditions for Unmetered Load Connections - Conditions of Service Nov. 2014

The preferred arrangement for the connection of electrical services is through a revenue metered connection, and all attempts will be made to connect Customer electrical services in this manner. However, some loads are small in size and have predictable consumption patterns with consistent load magnitudes.  Connections for these loads may, under certain circumstances, be provided without revenue metering.  

At the sole discretion of Guelph Hydro, Unmetered Load Connections will be offered in limited circumstances. If at any time, Guelph Hydro determines that an electric meter should be installed to measure electricity consumption at an existing unmetered connection, the Customer shall install all necessary equipment, in accordance with Guelph Hydro’s Conditions of Service, within 60 days of receipt of notice from Guelph Hydro. This will permit Guelph Hydro to install an electric revenue meter and bill based on actual usage.  

An Unmetered Load Connection may be permitted on a standard service with no accessories, while a service connection to power supply units that have additional accessories such as heaters or air conditioners may require revenue metering at Guelph Hydro’s discretion. Where a revenue metered connection is established, it will be set up as an individual metered account.

Services that may be unmetered include cable TV power supplies, telephone switching equipment, telephone booths, bus shelters, rail way crossing signals, pedestrian cross-walks, traffic signals, cathodic protection, flasher beacons, outdoor signs, and other small fixed loads.  Only loads connected at 750 volts or less, whose average monthly peak demand is less than, or forecasted to be less than 50 kilowatts, may qualify as Unmetered Load Connections.

In order to bill and settle the electricity consumed through these connections, the Customer shall provide detailed manufacturer information and documentation with regards to electrical demand and/or consumption of the proposed unmetered load.  Energy consumption will be based on connected wattage on the line side of the demarcation point, and based on an average twenty-four hours of use, calculated to include the impacts of both heating and cooling seasons over a year.

The demarcation point for a metered connection is the line side of service entrance disconnect, switch, fuse, relay or other point of connection as determined by Guelph Hydro, while the demarcation point for an Unmetered Load Connection is the distribution system connection point, typically at the line tap on the secondary supply conductor.

In some instances, a detailed load study acceptable to Guelph Hydro may be required for calculation of the magnitude of the load and determination of its hours of usage.  From time to time, Guelph Hydro may request the Customer to undertake, at the Customer’s expense, an electrical usage profile study by using either a Guelph Hydro acceptable certified lab or acceptable field metering unit, the results of which are to be provided to Guelph Hydro in an acceptable format.

In addition, at Guelph Hydro’s sole discretion, Guelph Hydro may elect to install revenue metering equipment at a number of Unmetered Load Connection locations, in order to independently validate the information provided by the Customer. Should the information provided by the Customer vary from the electricity consumption measured by Guelph Hydro’s revenue metering equipment, Guelph Hydro reserves the right to disqualify the Customer’s connection(s) as Unmetered Load Connection(s), as well as retroactively recover the unbilled consumption from the Customer, for the usage above that was provided by the Customer through the Unmetered Load Connection documentation.

The Customer is responsible for notifying Guelph Hydro of any change in equipment and/or usage. Without such notice, Guelph Hydro is not obligated to make retroactive adjustments to billing or to continue to offer unmetered service to the fixed load.

By agreeing to the Unmetered Load Connection, the Customer gives Guelph Hydro consent to share or release the load details, as well as energy and demand data to other parties including, but not limited to, other Local Distribution Companies, electrical associations, interest groups and Guelph Hydro’s regulators, or as required by law.  Unless required by law, the Customer’s identity shall remain confidential.

The Customer shall contact Guelph Hydro for a new service connection request.  For installations on Guelph Hydro owned poles, Guelph Hydro must approve the method of attachment and location of installations and the owner must enter into a Joint Use Agreement.

When unmetered service connections are requested, and system enhancements or expansion are needed, the Customer shall pay for the cost of the required system enhancement or expansion, per Guelph Hydro’s Conditions of Service and the Distribution System Code.

Where transformation is required and does not currently exist, it will be provided in accordance with Guelph Hydro’s Conditions of Service and the Distribution System Code. A capital contribution may be required.  

Any service connection relocation, re- design and/or inspection services may be provided by Guelph Hydro at the Customer’s expense.

All Unmetered Load Connections are subject to Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) requirements, including an Electrical Safety Authority “Authorization to Connect” prior to connecting the service.  The Unmetered Load service entrance components may be inspected, and shall be approved by Guelph Hydro prior to energization.

For a metered service connection, subject to Guelph Hydro’s Conditions of Service, Guelph Hydro will supply and install the necessary service conductors and make the distribution system connection at the Customer’s expense.  For an Unmetered Load Connection, subject to Guelph Hydro’s Conditions of Service, the Customer will supply and install the service conductor to the demarcation or connection point indicated by Guelph Hydro, and Guelph Hydro will make the final supply connection to energize the service. Any service connection relocation, re-design and/or inspection services may be provided by Guelph Hydro at the Customer’s expense.

Guelph Hydro owns and has operational control of the connection to the distribution system.  The Customer owns and has operational control of all downstream equipment and facilities on the load side of the demarcation point.  The Customer’s disconnect device should be operated by qualified personnel. The Customer is responsible for maintaining and repairing its equipment and/or facilities.

Customers with Unmetered Load Connections shall not allow other Consumers to use unmetered electrical power from the Unmetered Load Connection(s) without the express written consent of Guelph Hydro.

All Unmetered Load Connections fall under one of Unmetered Scattered Load, Sentinel Lighting or Street Lighting Rate classifications, and will be billed accordingly.

All metered connections will be classified as General Service (“GS”) less than 50 kilowatts, and will be billed with GS < 50 kilowatt rates.

Guelph Hydro no longer offers new unmetered sentinel light services.

Consistent with Guelph Hydro practices, all Customers have the ability to provide input and comments in relation to the preparation of cost allocation studies, load profile studies and other rate-related materials. Guelph Hydro will communicate with and engage Unmetered Load Connection Customers in relation to the preparation of load profile and cost allocation studies.

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