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Phone scam alert


Guelph Hydro Customers Warned of Telephone Scam

Guelph Hydro customers should be aware of a telephone scam currently being reported in Guelph. Guelph Hydro customers are receiving phone calls from someone claiming to represent Guelph Hydro and threatening disconnection of electricity service if an overdue account is not paid within 30 minutes through a wire transfer or pre-paid credit card.


Customers are reminded that Guelph Hydro never asks for bank information, a pre-paid credit card payment or wire transfer for overdue accounts. Read more information about this scam

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My Account Online is now MyEnergy View! myenergy view

Register for MyEnergy View to view and pay your bill, make changes to your account or register for ebilling. 

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Hydro bills contain a lot of detailed information. Select an option to view and learn about your bill.

View Bill pipe.pngBilling Optionspipe.pngebilling PipeBilling Adjustmentspipe.pngHigh Bill Analysis pipe.pngBill InsertsHow Much is a Kilowatt Hour? PipeRetail Energy Contracts pipe.pngMonthly Billing Bill Overdue? 

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Download Energy Consumption Data

Ontario's Green Button program provides you with secure access to your household's energy consumption data collected using your smart meter.

Read more about the Green Button program

Download your Green Button energy consumption data using MyEnergy View

Now available! Download your consumption data for Project Neutral using MyEnergy View

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Explore the variety of convenient and time-saving options for paying your bill. Note: Appointments are required to visit Guelph Hydro Offices. To schedule an appointment, call 519.822.3010 or email Customer Service.  
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Equal Payment Planpipe.pngLate Bill Paymentpipe.pngNon-Payment of Account / Collections Disconnections

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Rates, Charges and Regulation

View current electricity rates and service charges as approved by the Ontario Energy Board.

Guelph Hydro Rate Cardpipe.pngTime-of-Use Ratespipe.pngTime-of-Use Calculatorspipe.pngMiscellaneous Charges

Conditions of Servicepipe.pngLate Payment Charges pipe.pngUnderstanding Electricity Chargespipe.pngDebt Retirement Charge Notice of Exemption PipeRevision to Conditions of Service Unmetered Load Connections

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Conserve Energy

Access coupons and learn about ways you and your family can save energy and save money.
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