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Billing Adjustments

Over or under-billing adjustments are permitted over a period of up to two years for all classes of customers. If a customer has been over-billed by an amount equal to or greater than the customer's average bill, the customer has the option of receiving a credit on their next bill. A cheque will be issued upon request by the customer. Call our Customer Service Department to make a arrangements at 519.822.3010.

If a customer has been over-billed and the amount is less than the customer's average bill, the customer will receive a credit on their next bill. If the customer has outstanding arrears, Guelph Hydro may apply the over-billed amount to the arrears first, and may credit or repay the balance to the customer.

If a customer is under-billed and is not responsible for the error, the customer is allowed to pay the under-billed amount in equal installments over the same amount of time as they were under-billed for up to a maximum of two years. (e.g. if a customer has been under-billed for five months, they will have five months to pay the under-billed amount).

When a customer is responsible for the under-billing error, Guelph Hydro may require payment of the full amount on the next bill or on a separate bill.

These rules do not apply when Guelph Hydro has under-billed or overbilled a customer but issues a corrected bill within 16 days of the date the incorrect bill was issued.

Guelph Hydro will charge interest on under-billed amounts where the customer was responsible for the error, whether by way of non-payment or tampering, willful damage, unauthorized energy use, or other unlawful actions.

Low Income Customers - Billing Adjustments

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