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Bill Inserts

View inserts mailed out with your hydro bill. 


May - June

Ontario Energy Board Ontario Energy Board insert page 1    Ontario Energy Board insert page 2

March - April

8% Provincial Rebate 8% Provincial Rebate

January -


Royal flush Toilet Rebate Royal Flush Toilet Rebate

January -


eMerge Home Tune Up eMerge Bill insert

December -

January 2017

City of Guelph Stormwater Service Fee Stormwater bill insert  Stormwater bill insert reverse



November -  


Sign up for e-billing for a $10 credit

Save $10 on ebilling bill insert - 1

Vanessa - 2

May - June

Summer Time-of-Use Rates

Ontario Electricity Support Program

Bill Insert Time of Use Rates Summer 2016Bill Insert Ontario Electricity Support Program



November -December

Ontario Electricity Support Program

Bill Insert Ontario Electricity Support Program English
September - October

Monthly Billing

Bill insert monthly billingBill insert monthly billing
September - October


Improve the view

Bill Insert PeaksaverPLUSBill Insert MyEnergy View

July - August

Guelph Municipal Holdings Inc. 2014 Annual Report

Improve the View

Bill Insert Guelph Municipal Holdings Inc. Annual ReportBill insert myenergy view
July - August

1-2-3, Plant a Tree

eMERGE Guelph Efficient Home Visit

Bill Insert 1 2 3 Plant a treeBill Insert eMERGE Guelph Efficient Home Visit
May - August Take Charge Time of Use Rates Effective May 1 2015Time of Use Rates Effective May 1 2015
January - February City of Guelph Waterworks - Leaky Toilet? City of Guelph Leaky ToiletCity of Guelph Waterworks Leaky toilet



December - January, 2015

Customer Survey

Customer Survey iPad Draw Side 1

Customer Survey Side 2

November - December

Project Neutral

Winter Energy Conservation Tips

Bill Insert Project NeutralBill Insert Winter Conservation Tips

November - December


Live Chat


peaksaverPLUSBill Insert Live Chat

September - October

Online Forms

eMERGE Guelph Efficient Home Visits


Bill Insert Online Forms


Bill Insert eMERGE Efficient Home Visits


July - August

Ontario One Call

2013 Sustainability Report

Bill Insert July August 2014
 May - June                  

Retail Energy Contracts

Time of Use Rates Effective May 1, 2014                                    

 Bill Insert May June 2014




 September - November City of Guelph Waterworks - Leaky toilet?

 Image of Leaky toilet bill insert

Image of leaky toilet 2

 August - September Guelph Hydro Inc. 2012 Sustainability Report and coupon for LED lighting


Coupon for LED lights

 February - September

Guelph Royal Flush Insert

 Guelph Royal Flush Bill Insert

 December - January  City of Guelph - Changes to Water and Wastewater Charges  Open City of Guelph Waterworks Rate Increases


 March - April  Waterworks Bill Insert  
 May - June

 Guelph Royal Flush Insert

 Guelph Smart Wash Insert

 June - July

 No inserts

 September - October  2011 Sustainability Report Insert

 Energy Conservation Coupon

 Sustainability Report bill insert
 November - December

Knock, knock. Who's there?

Energy company. Energy company who?


For more information visit the Ontario Energy Board website.

Knock. Knock. - Brochure from the Ontario Energy Board 
 December - January  City of Guelph - Changes to Water and Wastewater Rates 

 City of Guelph - Water and Wastewater Rate Changes - December 2012


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