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Common Causes of Higher Water Usage

Guelph Hydro invoices and collects water and wastewater charges on behalf of the City of Guelph. For billing and payment inquiries about water charges, please contact the City of Guelph Water Services Department at 519.837.5627 or email

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Guelph Hydro and the City of Guelph offer
Programs to Help Reduce your Water Consumption

Typical Home Water Usage
ItemWater Usage
Toilet3 gallons/11 litres per flush
Shower4 gallons / 15 litres per minute
Tub/bath30 gallons / 113 litres per fill
Dishwasher14 gallons / 52 litres per load
Clothes washer50 gallons / 189 litres per load
Garden hose360 gallons / 1,362 litres per hour
Pool (14' X 28' /  5.5 ft. deep)15,000 gallons / 56,781 litres per fill

Common Causes of High Water Usage
ItemWater Usage
Toilet (overflow tube leak)up to 4,320 gallons / 15,352 litres per day
Toilet (flush valve leak)up to 4,320 gallons / 15,352 litres per day
Faucet dripup to 405 gallons / 1,533 litres per day
Lawn/garden houseup to 360 gallons / 1,362 litres per hour
Houseguests Dependent on number of guests
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