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Customer Service

Important information for residential and small commercial customers about your Guelph Hydro bill


Guelph Hydro is moving to monthly billing

Starting in November, 2015 Guelph Hydro will begin billing residential and small commercial customers in Guelph and Rockwood every month instead of every other month.

Learn more about what monthly billing means for you.


For information about paying your Guelph Hydro bill, please visit our Payments page.

Appointments required to visit Guelph Hydro offices

To schedule an appointment:


Office hours are from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding statutory holidays.


Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc.
395 Southgate Drive, Guelph, Ontario N1G 4Y1  

Please note: Our offices are fragrance free and the use of laser pointers is prohibited.

Driving directions

Guelph Transit


close up of wheelchair wheel and hand


Guelph Hydro Electric Systems is firmly committed to providing accessible, quality service to all customers and visitors.

Accessible Building Featurespipe.png Acessibility Policiespipe.png Website Accessibility

a calculator and a pen lying on a bill

Billing Options

Paper or electronic? Monthly bill or equal billing? Options to suit every need.

Billing Options

finger pushing a pay button on a computer keyboard

Billing Adjustments

Please refer to our Billing Adjustments page if you feel you have been over-billed or under-billed.

Billing Adjustments

man standing on a shovel in his backyard

Call Before You Dig

Building a deck? Planting trees? Underground cables can be extremely dangerous. Don't be surprised! Call before you dig to obtain a free locate of all underground cables.

Call Before You Dig

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Conditions of Service

Consult our Conditions of Service to find out everything you ever needed to know about our services.

Late Bill Paymentpipe.pngNon-Payment of Accountpipe.pngBilling Adjustmentspipe.pngSecurity Deposits pipe.png

Low Income Customers

solar panels showing the reflection of a glowing sun

Connecting Renewable Generation

Thinking of installing solar panels on your roof? Here is what you need to know.

Process for Connecting Renewable Generationpipe.pngSolar Powerpipe.pngOntario Feed-in Tariff Programspipe.pngFIT programpipe.pngMicroFIT program

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Contact Us

Need to contact us? Consult this list of our various departments to direct your inquiry to the right spot.

Contact Us


Streetlight out? Pole problem? Tree problem? Graffiti? Vandalism? Copper theft? Theft of power?
Need to report a problem? Fill in a Report a Problem Form.

 Graphic of Small houses

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Guelph Hydro participates bi-annually in a telephone Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Results of the survey conducted in April 2013

plug being unplugged from an electrical cord


This is the process we follow when disconnecting service.


Residential customers who require a service disconnection for services such as service upgrades, meter base relocation, or service repair, please email Guelph Hydro Technical Services at 

blue electric car recharging

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have arrived in Guelph. Guelph Hydro was ahead of the curve when it conducted a market research study in early 2011 about consumer awareness and interest in electric vehicles. The company installed a Level 2 charging unit at Stone Road Mall in 2012. 

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Office hours are from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding statutory holidays.

Cover of Ontario Electricity Support Program brochure

Low-Income Customers

Low-income customers may be eligible for an on-bill credit or special Customer Service Rules for Low-Income Customers.


Learn more about the Ontario Electricity Support Program monthly on-bill credit

Learn more about special Customer Service Rules for Low-Income Customers

image of a heart beat

Medical Equipment - Exemption from Ontario Clean Energy Benefit Limit and Emergency Call List

Customers who depend on electrically-powered medical equipment may be eligible to be exempted from the Ontario Clean Energy benefit limit and can be placed on list that we refer to in the event of a power outage.

Learn more 

Emergency Call List - Medical Reasons form 

Exemption from Ontario Clean Energy Benefit Limit - Application form

 Image of moving


Residential Customers - You can complete your move request online or call Customer Serivce at 519.822.3010 during normal business hours.

Move in - Start service

Move out - Discontinue service

Move within Guelph or Rockwood - Transfer service

Or call Customer Service at 519.822.3010 during normal business hours.


Business Customers - Start, stop or move business service

Or call Customer Service at 519.822.3010 during normal business hours.

stack of bills with final reminder stamped on the top one

Non-Payment of Account / Collections

This is the process we follow in the event an account is not paid.

Non-Payment of Account / Collections

house made out of twenty dollar bills

Payment Options

Online, by phone, by mail, or in person at one of our convenient payment locations - choose how you want to pay. Guelph Hydro provides payment options that meet your needs and can simplify your life.

Payment Options 

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Planned Service Interruptions

When it is necessary for Guelph Hydro to interrupt service to perform maintenance or repair of equipment, customers are notified by letter, door hanger or verbal communication.
Information on Planned Service Interruptions

Request Temporary Service Disconnection (to safely upgrade electrical equipment, trim trees, etc.)

hydro meter on the exterior of a home

Rates and Regulation

Electricity Rates - Residentialpipe.pngElectricity Rates - Businesspipe.pngWhat is Driving Up the Cost of Electricity in Ontario?pipe.pngRates for Local Electricity Distribution Servicespipe.pngSelf-Declaration Form for Multi-Unit Residential Premises PipeStriving to Keep Rates Competitive at Guelph Hydropipe.pngWater Ratespipe.pngConditions of Servicepipe.pngRetail Energy Contracts

hand handing viewer a twenty dollar bill

Security Deposits

Here is our policy regarding Security Deposits.

Security Deposits


 Smart grid icon

Smart Grid

Learn about Guelph Hydro's Smart Grid and how it is contributing to building a sustainable energy future

Smart Grid Infographic pipe.pngSmart Grid Information


Start, Stop or Move Service

Moving in or moving out of Guelph or Rockwood? Here is what you need to do.

Start, stop or move Residential service or call 519.822.3010 during normal business hours.


Establishing a new business in Guelph or Rockwood? Closing or moving your business? Here is what you need to do.

Start, stop or move Business service or call 519.822.3010 during normal business hours.


Customer Request for Temporary Service Disconnection (to safely upgrade electrical equipment, trim trees, etc.)

silhouette of hydro pole and power lines

System Improvements - Smart Grid Development

Guelph Hydro works hard every day to ensure the reliability of the supply of electricity and is continually expanding our electricity network to accommodate growth in our community.

System Improvements - Ensuring Reliability, Accommodating Growth

Smart Grid - Smart Home 

man with harhat in tree trimming branches away from power line


Trees and overhead electricity lines don't mix so we diligently trim trees every year to ensure the safety of the public.


If you require a temporary service disconnection to safely trim trees on your property, please email Technical Services at  

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