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Equal Payment Plan

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Enjoy the benefits of predictable monthly payments and make budgeting for electricity easier!

Why sign up?

The Equal Payment Plan is available to residential customers and evens out your payments so you pay about the same amount every month.

Under the Equal Payment Plan, payments are made through automatic pre-authorized withdrawals from your bank account. You continue to receive a statement by mail, or are notified by email to view your statement in MyEnergyView if you have registered for ebilling. Your statement shows current charges and the Equal Payment Plan balance.

Please note that payments can only be made through automatic pre-authorized withdrawals from a bank account. Payments from lines of credit and credit cards are not accepted.

Sign up any time to make budgeting for electricity easier!*

How the Equal Payment Plan Amount is Calculated

We calculate your monthly payment amount by adding up the total amount of your bills for the past year and dividing by 12. This is the amount that is withdrawn from your bank account on a pre-determined date for the coming year. Your monthly Equal Payment Plan statement will provide you with details about the status of your Equal Payment Plan.

Once a year in February / March, all Equal Payment Plan accounts are reviewed and reconciled and any overpayment or underpayment is either credited or added to the Equal Payment Plan amount for the following year. 

We also review accounts periodically throughout the year so that adjustments can be made, if necessary, to avoid a high balance.  We encourage you to review your statement regularly so you can see the status of your account and make any adjustments if necessary.

Learn more about your Equal Payment Plan monthly statement.

We encourage you to stay on the Equal Payment Plan for at least one year to realize the benefits and to avoid paying a high deferred balance.

How to Sign Up

Sign up for the Equal Payment Plan using our simple online form.

Discontinue Equal Payment Plan

To withdraw from the Equal Payment Plan, please fill out the online form. Please note: Any outstanding balance on your Equal Payment Plan account will immediately be due in full.

If You Move

If you move while enrolled in the Equal Payment Plan, the remaining balance on your account will be debited from your bank account on the due date of the final bill and the pre-authorized payment will be removed. If you are moving within Guelph, you must reapply for the Equal Payment Plan at your new address. 


*Low income customers may also be eligible for a reduction in their electricity bill through the Ontario Electricity Support Program. 

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