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Green Button

Easily Download Your Electricity Consumption Data to Help You Better Manage Your Usage and Save Money

What is the Green Button?

The Green Button is a common sense idea that enables electricity customers to securely download the electricity consumption data for their home or small commercial business in a standard format.

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Discover how to conserve energy and save money

Once downloaded, you will be able to share your standardized data with a variety of apps, tools and solutions that are Green Button compliant, allowing you to better analyze, visualize, and use the data to conserve energy and save money.

What can I do with my data? There is an app for that!

Once you download your data, you can either use it yourself to analyze your electricity consumption, or you can share the file with an app, tool or solution that will help you analyze your energy use patterns and determine the best ways for you to manage your use.

A variety of tools and solutions already exist and are compatible with the Green Button standard. You can visit for some examples.

Why is this important to me?

Being able to see patterns in your electricity consumption will help you make decisions around energy use that will save you time, money, and energy.

Not everyone will want to go through their raw data; a variety of tools and services exist that make these decisions easier and better, and the Green Button standard allows you to share your data with these tools and services.

How do I share my data?

Sharing your data with an app, tool or solution provider is easy, following these three steps:

  • Download your data file onto your computer from the My Accounts Online section of this website.
  • Find a solution or tool that you want to use that is Green Button compliant.
  • Upload your file to that solution when they ask for it.

What data is in the download?

The file you download will contain up to 13 months of your smart meter electricity use data, at an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly intervals. The data will reflect the entire electricity use of your home or small business during that interval.

Who can access this data? What about my privacy?

Your data can only be downloaded from the My Accounts Online page after securely logging in; the data will be downloaded onto the computer you are on right now, and will only be accessible to the people who have access to the file.

No other people will be able to access your data unless you choose to share the file with them.

Please be aware that energy consumption information is considered private information. Analyzing the data can reveal information about your home, lifestyle and schedules. Please be cautious who you release this data to. You should not provide your secure login details for your account to anyone else. 

Why is Guelph Hydro involved in this initiative?

We believe that giving customers better information will lead to better decisions — and that those decisions will lead to better energy conservation and cost-savings. We also believe that our customers should have the right to control who gets to access their data, while maintaining their privacy at the same time.

Where can I learn more about my electricity consumption data and the Green Button?

You can learn more about the Green Button initiative in Ontario at There, you'll be able get more information about what you can do with electricity data, the Green Button standard, and the importance of giving you control over your energy consumption data.

The next phase of the Green Button is still in development. If you have any questions about the initiative, please visit to learn more.

New! Introducing Project Neutral - Combatting Climate Change One Neighbourhood at a Time

Project Neutral LogoProject Neutral has come to Guelph! Learn more about how Green Button can help you download your annual electricity and water consumption data customized for use by Project Neutral.



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