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Landlord and Property Manager Services

Continuous Service Agreements and Forms

When a tenant moves out of a rental property and discontinues service, Guelph Hydro will disconnect electrical service if a new occupant account has not been established.

However, some landlords prefer to take over responsibility for electrical service of rental units when their tenants leave so they can turn on lights and other appliances when they show the units to prospective renters.

Landlords who wish to do this simply have to contact our Customer Service Department at 519.822.3010 and sign a Continuous Service Agreement to arrange for transfer of the account. These forms must be resigned once a year in February. Please note: the owner of the property is the only person authorized to sign this form. If the property owner wishes to authorize a second person to sign this form, this must be indicated when the form is signed.

Landlords may choose between two options for continuous service:

  1. No Call Required. The landlord will automatically take over responsibiity for the rental unit when there is no tenant. 
  2. Call First. The landlord will receive a phone call from our Customer Service Department to verify there is no tenant before the account is transferred to the landlord.

Please note that disconnected services may require an Electrical Safety Authority inspection after 6 months of service being disconnected at the expense of the Landlord/Property Manager.  A reconnection fee will apply once service is restored.  Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc. and its affiliates assume no responsibility for any loss or damage to property resulting from the disconnection of electrical service.

Self-Declaration Form for Multi-Unit Residential Premises Including Option to Elect to Maintain Spot Market Pricing 

Customers with bulk metered multi-unit residential premises who buy their electricity from Guelph Hydro are eligible for Regulated Price Plan (RPP) Rates. 

Regulated Price Plan Rates are either Tiered or Time-of-Use. 

Tiered rates are based on consumption levels above or below a set threshold and are available to multi-unit consumers with conventional meters or those with interval meters who complete this form.

Time-of-Use rates are charged to multi-unit consumers with Time-of-Use meters and are based on the time of day electricity is consumed.

Your multi-unit residential premise may qualify for residential tiered price thresholds. Learn more. 

Debt Retirement Charge Exemption for Landlords 

The Ontario government removed the Debt Retirement Charge from the electricity bills of residential rate class customers effective January 1, 2016. Non-residential rate class customers who have at least one eligible residential unit are also be exempt from paying the Debt Retirement Charge on up to 1,500 kilowatt hours (kWh) of monthly consumption multiplied by the number of residential units declared. Eligible customers must notify Guelph Hydro in writing if they qualify for exemption by submitting a completed Notice of Exemption. The exception will not be applied retroactively.  For specific guidelines refer to section 5.2(4) of Ontario Regulation 493/01.


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