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Landlords / Students

The community of Guelph welcomes a large number of students every year - many of whom need to arrange for hydro service for the first time. These pages provide helpful information for students and landlords.

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College & University Students

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Landlords and Property Managers

Moving In

Hook up your electricity service easily online.

Or call us at 519.822.3010. We're here to help. 

Here are a few tips to help you set up your account:

  • Don't delay! Approximately 5,000 students move into Guelph in August and September so we're pretty busy at that time. Be sure to let us know 3-5 business days before you actually need your power turned on.
  • There is a connection fee of $8.75 plus tax. This will appear on your first hydro bill.
  • When setting up an account for the first time you have three options to secure your account:
  • If you are moving into an apartment, please leave a clear path to the electric meter when you unpack.  

Make paying your bill really convenient.

Sign up for pre-authorized payments.

Sign up for ebilling.

How and where to pay your bill.

Landlord and PropertyManager Services

Debt Retirement Charge Exemption for Landlords 

The Ontario government removed the Debt Retirement Charge from the electricity bills of residential rate class customers effective January 1, 2016. Non-residential rate class customers who have at least one eligible residential unit are also be exempt from paying the Debt Retirement Charge on up to 1,500 kilowatt hours (kWh) of monthly consumption multiplied by the number of residential units declared. Eligible customers must notify Guelph Hydro in writing if they qualify for exemption by submitting a completed Notice of Exemption. The exception will not be applied retroactively.  For specific guidelines refer to section 5.2(4) of Ontario Regulation 493/01.

See How Much Electricity You Use Every Hour

Wondering how much electricity you are using every day? Simply register your account with MyEnergy View to see charts and graphs of your hourly, daily, weekly and monthly electricity usage.


If you think you are not using any electricity when you are away for the weekend, it might be a good idea to check to see how much phantom power is being used by chargers left plugged in the wall or equipment that is turned off but still plugged in.


Don't forget, you are on Time-of-Use rates for electricity so the price of electricity changes throughout the day.


Try these Energy Conservation Tips for Students to lower your bill.

Self-Declaration Form for Multi-Unit Residential Premises Including Option to Elect to Maintain Spot Market Pricing 

Customers with bulk metered multi-unit residential premises who buy their electricity from Guelph Hydro are eligible for Regulated Price Plan (RPP) Rates. 


Regulated Price Plan Rates are either Tiered or Time-of-Use. 


Tiered rates are based on consumption levels above or below a set threshold and are available to multi-unit consumers with conventional meters or those with interval meters who complete this form.

Time-of-Use rates are charged to multi-unit consumers with Time-of-Use meters and are based on the time of day electricity is consumed.


Your multi-unit residential premise may qualify for residential tiered price thresholds. Learn more. 

Paying Your Bill

How and where to pay your bill.


Make paying your bill really convenient.

Sign up for pre-authorized payments.

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Moving Out

 On-line form to discontinue a student residential account


Here is some helpful information for students

 Student Services


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