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Late Bill Payment, Payment Charges and Interest

When is My Bill Considered Late?

As directed by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), the date on which your bill is considered issued to you will be determined to be three days after it was printed if sent by mail, or, on the date on which an email was sent over the Internet. To incorporate these required time periods, you now have 16 days from the date the bill is printed to make payment by the required payment date.

In addition to the bill issue and payment period, the Ontario Energy Board has directed when your payment is deemed to be received by us:

  • three days before it is received by Guelph Hydro, if sent by mail
  • on the date when the payment is acknowledged by a bank, or
  • when the credit card payment is accepted by the financial institution.

These timelines will be the same for all customers, no matter their method of billing or payment.

Any payment made after 5 PM is still effective on the day the payment is made. If your required bill payment date falls on a weekend or a holiday, you will have until the next business day to make payment.

If a bill includes charges other than electricity charges, any payment will first go directly to the electricity charges and then, if funds are remaining, to the other charges. If payment is sufficient to cover electricity charges Guelph Hydro will not issue late payment charges, a disconnection notice or disconnect the electricity supply. This applies to joint billing agreements when they are renewed, or after two years, whichever comes sooner.

Non-Payment of Account / CollectionsDisconnectionsLow Income Customers

Late Payment Charges

Bills are payable in full by the due date; otherwise, a late payment charge will apply. Where a Customer makes a partial payment on or before the due date, the late payment penalty will apply only to the amount of the bill outstanding at the due date, inclusive of arrears from previous billings. In the event of partial payment by a Customer, payments shall be allocated by the portions of the bill covering competitive and non-competitive electricity costs.

Outstanding bills are subject to the collection process and may ultimately lead to the service being discontinued. Service will be restored once satisfactory payment has been made. Discontinuance of service does not relieve the Customer of the liability for arrears.

Guelph Hydro and its affiliates shall not be held liable for any damage on the Customer's premises resulting from such discontinuance of service. A reconnection charge ($20 at meter, $50 at pole) will apply where the service has been disconnected due to non-payment.

The Customer will be required to pay additional charges for the processing of non-sufficient fund (NSF) cheques ($8.55 per returned cheque)

Overdue Interest Charges

Bills rendered for energy related services are provided to the Customer. Bills are payable in full by the due date identified on the bill whether a bill is based on a meter reading or Guelph Hydro's estimate. The due date shall be 16 calendar days from the date of mailing. After the due date, interest is calculated daily based on monthly interest rate of 1.5% or 19.56% annually.

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