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Rates, Charges and Regulations

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Electricity Rates

ResidentialBusinessTime-of-Use Rates for ElectricityTime-of-Use Calculators
Time-of-Use Off-Peak Holiday Schedule PipeSelf-Declaration Form for Multi-Unit Residential Premises

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Retail Energy Contracts

If you are considering signing a contract with an energy retailer, be sure to ask the right questions to ensure you understand all aspects of the contract.

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Water Rates and Charges

Guelph Hydro collects fees for water and wastewater from consumers in Guelph. 
Find out more information about Water Rates and Charges

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Conditions of Service

Guelph Hydro's Conditions of Service is an important document for our customers, contractors and developers, generators and the suppliers we conduct business with on a regular basis.

Billing AdjustmentsDisconnectionsLate Bill PaymentMiscellaneous Charges
Non-Payment of Account / CollectionsSecurity Deposits

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Debt Retirement Charge Exemption 

The Ontario government has announced the removal of the Debt Retirement Charge from the electricity bills of residential rate class customers after December 31, 2015. Non-residential rate class customers who have at least one eligible residential unit will also be exempt from paying the Debt Retirement Charge on up to 1,500 kilowatt hours (kWh) of monthly consumption multiplied by the number of residential units declared. Eligible customers must notify Guelph Hydro in writing if they qualify for exemption by submitting a completed Notice of Exemption.

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How Electricity Rates are Set in Ontario

As a regulated utility, Guelph Hydro's rates are set by the Ontario Energy Board in a formal rate application process that includes public participation.

Learn more about How Electricity Rates are Set in Ontario

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Striving to Keep Rates Competitive at Guelph Hydro

Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc. employees are committed to ensuring that our rates are an accurate and fair reflection of our costs and work hard to maintain an efficient operation.
Learn more about Striving to Keep Rates Competitive at Guelph Hydro

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