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Security Deposits

Guelph Hydro Security Deposit Policies

Further information about Security Deposits can can be found in Guelph Hydro's Conditions of Service.

Interest on Security Deposits

Interest on cash security deposits shall begin to accrue from date of receipt by Guelph Hydro at its head office.

On installment security deposits, interest shall begin to accrue from the date of receipt by Guelph Hydro at its head office of the last installment payment.

Change to Residential Security Deposit

Effective January 1, 2011, residential customers can pay a required deposit, an increase in a security deposit or a replacement of a deposit applied against arrears, in equal installments over at least six months.

There will be a review of the security deposit during the year after the first anniversary of the first installment payment.

A residential customer's average monthly consumption over a consecutive 12-month period in the last two years will be used to calculate the amount Guelph Hydro can collect for a security deposit.

Security deposits will be applied against any arrears and be insufficient to cover any amounts owing before a disconnection notice can be issued to a residential customer.

When a security deposit has been applied against any arrears, the customer may have to repay the security deposit, and be allowed to repay in equal installments over at least six months.  

Ontario Energy Board Rules

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