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A Smart Grid - For a Sustainable Energy Future

View an infographic of Guelph Hydro's Smart Grid (PDF)

View an infographic of Guelph Hydro's Smart Grid (JPEG)

Illustration of Guelph Hydro's Smart Grid

Ontario's electricity system is being revolutionized with Smart Grid technologies that will provide consumers with better information and improve the reliability, efficiency, security and environmental impact of the electricity system.

Although Guelph Hydro's electricity distribution system already boasts many of the features associated with smart grids, we are continuing to invest in advanced technologies to:

  • Increase reliability to minimize power outages
  • Reduce restoration times in the event of a power outage
  • Provide more information and services for customers
  • Incorporate electricity generated from solar panels and other renewable energy sources
  • Reduce greenhouse gases and the community's carbon footprint
  • Handle the anticipated influx of electric vehicles 


Smart Grid Development in Ontario

Illustration of smart grid from the Independent Electricity System Operator

Visit the website of Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator for more information about smart grid development in Ontario.


Smart Homes, Smart Businesses

Go to IESO Ontario Smart Home Roadmap

The Smart Home Roadmap is an interactive tool that shows how Ontario's homes could evolve over the next 20 years. New technologies and services are emerging that will enable home consumers to use electricity in ways that better suit their needs and their budgets. Many smart homes will be able to produce electricity to use within the house, or sell back to the grid.




Tools to Help You

Image advertising IESO's Kilowatt WayResidential customers - Build your online home on Kilowatt Way and customize the appliances to when you use them. See how time-of-use shifting and energy efficiency can make a difference. 






Image of Time-of-Use rates for business interactive tool


Business Customers - View the interactive Time-of-Use Rates at Work educational tool designed to help small business owners understand Time-of-Use electricity rates and identify potential savings opportunities. Users input basic information about their business and receive a tailored load profile and suggestions for savings opportunities.


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