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System Improvements

Ensuring Reliability, Accommodating Growth

Guelph is one of Ontario's fastest growing communities, attracting new residents and businesses at a steady rate.

As the community grows, electrical load increases. In order to ensure that everyone has power where they want it and when they need it, Guelph Hydro must replace or upgrade aging electrical apparatus and install new equipment to cope with increasing demand. 

Preventing Outages

Aided by a sophisticated GIS* mapping system, the Operations Department spends approximately $3 million annually to replace aged distribution system assets including poles, electrical hardware and underground systems. On-going maintenance on poles, switches, transformers, underground equipment, tree-trimming, and infra-red scans to provide early detection of degrading equipment, will continue to prevent power outages caused by equipment failures and prolong service life.

New Arlen Municipal Transformer Station

The new Arlen Municipal Transformer Station station at the corner of Hanlon Parkway and Laird was designed to provide sufficient capacity for 20 years of growth and serve as contingency backup for the community's other transformer stations. Learn more.

Investing in a Smarter Grid

Ontario's provincial power grid is moving towards a digital future—often described as the Smart Grid—that supplants the traditional one-way flow of electricity with a two-way flow of both electricity and information.

Guelph Hydro's Smart Grid features:

  • Self-healing switches for enhanced reliability
  • Integration of renewable energy sources
  • Hourly consumption data provided via smart meters

Learn more about Guelph Hydro's Smart Grid

Illustration of Guelph Hydro's Smart Grid


View a illustration of Guelph Hydro's Smart Grid

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