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Tree Trimming

While we appreciate the beauty and importance of trees in our community, misplaced or improperly maintained trees often cause power outages during severe weather and can be dangerous when branches come in contact with power lines. Prevention is the key, and that is why Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc. contracts Asplundh Canada ULC to trim trees on a three-year cycle to maintain safe clearance around power lines.

Brochure - Trimming Trees Around PowerLines

Asplundh's professional arborists use natural pruning methods to maintain the health of the trees. Pruning clearances around primary lines must be at least three metres and at least one metre around secondary lines but may be more for fast-growing species. More information about tree-trimming can be found in Electrical Safety Authority booklet entitled: Trimming Trees Around Powerlines.

As part of our efforts to provide a safe and reliable supply of power to the Guelph and Rockwood communities, Guelph Hydro will be commencing its annual tree-trimming program in December 2016 and continuing through to the spring of 2017.

As per our normal procedures, at least three days before Asplundh crews arrive in a neighbourhood, customers will receive a hand-delivered notice indicating that trees in the area will be trimmed. 

This map illustrates where trees will be trimmed in 2016-2017.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our arborist:

Telephone: 1-866-232-5845


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