Equal Payment Plan Statement

Below you will find a description of some of the key sections taken from an example of an Equal Payment Plan monthly statement. (Note: The linked Equal Payment Plan monthly statement is not an accessible document. However, key information is outlined below. Information can also be obtained by calling our Customer Service Department at 519-822-3010.)

Please review your Equal Payment Plan statements periodically to determine if any adjustments are necessary.

Section 1 - Equal Payment Plan Balance Forward

Line on Bill Amount Section Total
Previous Equal Payment Plan Balance $38.84  
Payments $85.00-  
Adjustments $0.00  
Equal Payment Plan Balance Forward   $46.16-
  • "Previous Equal Payment Plan Balance" is the balance owing on your account carried forward from the previous month
  • "Payments" are any payments withdrawn from your bank account, including your Equal Payment Plan amount
  • "Adjustments" can be any additional payments or charges to your account, such as an extra payment, interest charges, or a non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee
  • The "Equal Payment Plan Balance Forward" is the balance on your Equal Payment Plan after making your last payment but before adding in this month's charges as listed below
Section 2 - Current Charges Incurred

These sections list the charges incurred in the current billing period.

Your Electricity Charges

TOU On-Peak Winter 59.00 kWh @ 3.2¢/kWh   $7.79  
TOU Mid-Peak Winter 49.81 kWh @ 9.5¢/kWh   $4.73  
TOU Off-Peak Winter 200.79 kWh @ 6.5¢/kWh   $13.05  
Delivery     $31.88  
Regulatory Charges     $1.48  
Debt Retirement Charge     $0.00  
Your Total Electricity Charges       $58.93
HST (Registration number 89120 8613 RT00001)       $7.66

Water Charges:

Guelph City Water Department - 519-837-5627

Water Basic     $7.28  
Water Consumption  6.00 M3 @ 172.00 ¢/M3  $10.32  
Waste Water Basic     $8.96  
Wastewater Treatment 6.00 M3 @ 184.00 ¢/M3 $11.04  
Total Water Charges       $37.60 

Stormwater Charges:

City Engineering Dept. 519-837-5604

1.0 unit x 28 days @ $4.60 month







Total Stormwater Charges


Total current charges


8% Provincial Rebate




Invoice Total


Section 3 - Current Equal Payment Plan Balance

Current Equal Payment Plan Balance $57.61

Your "Current Equal Payment Plan Balance" is the sum of the "Equal Payment Plan Balance Forward" amount listed at the top of the bill and the Invoice Total.

This amount will appear as the "Previous Equal Payment Plan Balance" on your next Equal Payment Plan bill.

  • If there is a minus sign next to your balance forward, there is a credit on your account.
  • If there is no minus sign next to your balance forward, there is a balance owing on your account.

Should you choose to discontinue your Equal Payment Plan, this is the amount that would be due for immediate payment to Guelph Hydro, or credited to your account.  

Section 4 - Equal Payment Plan Withdrawal Amount

This is your monthly Equal Payment Plan withdrawal amount (budget amount) and the date it will be debited from your bank account. 

Account Number



Your EPP amount is


and will be withdrawn on the:

First (1)

of each month.

Thank you for being an EPP customer.