Equal Payment Plan

Want to avoid those higher than normal bills caused by air conditioning in the summer or electric heating in the winter?

Sign up for an Equal Payment Plan and your payment, which will be about the same every month, will be automatically deducted from your bank account on the date you select from the options provided when you register. (Note: Equal Payment Plan amounts cannot be paid using a credit card.)

That will make budgeting and planning much easier!

Register today for Automatic Payment and select a preferred date for your Equal Payment Plan option.

Register for Automatic Payment and select the Equal Payment Plan option 

Who is eligible?
  • Residential and Small Business customers with an up-to-date account are eligible to register for an Equal Payment Plan.
  • New Residential customers with no previous consumption history are eligible.
  • Small Business customers must meet the following criteria to be eligible:
    • at least 12 months of billing history; and
    • a predictable consumption pattern
  • If your account is past due, you may still be eligible. Call us at 519-822-3010 to speak with a representative.
  • As an Equal Payment Plan customer, you must read and accept the Terms and Conditions included on the registration form.
How it works
  • You pay the same, equal amount each month.
  • You avoid the spikes caused by air conditioning use in the summer or electric heating in the winter.
  • Your monthly payment amount will be based on your yearly consumption divided by 12 months.
  • This amount will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on a pre-determined date for the coming year. Note: Equal Payment Plan amounts cannot be paid using a credit card. 
  • Your monthly statement will show current charges and the Equal Payment Plan balance. 
  • Your account will be reviewed in February or March and your payment may be adjusted based on changes in usage or electricity prices.
  • You can monitor how much electricity you use by the hour, day, month or year online with MyEnergy View. Please note, there is a bit of a lag time before readings are posted to your account.
  • Late payments may result in an account being dropped from the Equal Payment Plan.
  • You can discontinue at any time. If you have paid more for electricity than you have used, we'll credit your next bill.
  • If you've used more electricity than you have paid for, it will be added to your next bill.

Sign up for Equal Payment Plan now

Estimate your monthly payment

Annual Hydro Bill

Estimated Monthly Payment

$600 - $1,000

$50 - $83

$1,000 - $2,000

$83 - $167

$2,000 - $3,000

$167 - $250

$3,000 - $5,000

$250 - $417

Contact our Customer Service Department to get an estimate on your actual bill history at 519-822-3010.

Sign up for Equal Payment Plan now

Equal Payment Plan Monthly Statement

Your Equal Payment Plan monthly statement contains the following information: 

  • The Equal Payment Plan balance from your last statement
  • Payments and adjustments
  • Your Equal Payment Plan balance 
  • Withdrawal amount

Need more information? Visit our Equal Payment Plan Statement page.

Best time to enrol
  • The ideal time to enrol is during the winter months when bills are typically at their lowest.
  • This gives you time to build up a credit to offset your higher summer bills.
Annual Equal Payment Plan Reconciliation

Each February / March, Guelph Hydro / Alectra Utilities reviews the accounts of all Equal Payment Plan customers to:

  • Settle any outstanding account balances
  • Determine the equal payment amount to be paid for the next 12 months. 

Need more information? View our Equal Payment Plan Reconciliation page.

Discontinue Equal Payment Plan
To withdraw from the Equal Payment Plan, fill out the online form or contact our Customer Service Department at 519-822-3010.  Please note: Any outstanding balance on your Equal Payment Plan account will immediately be due in full.
If you move
If you move while enrolled in the Equal Payment Plan, the remaining balance on your account will be debited from your bank account on the due date of the final bill and the pre-authorized automatic payment from your bank account will be cancelled. If you are moving within Guelph, you will need to reapply for an Automatic Payment Plan with the Equal Payment Plan option at your new address.