Looking for a form? If you can't find the form you need below, please contact Customer Service:

Email: Customer Service
Telephone: 519-822-3010

Residential and Business Customers
Move-In / Move-Out Forms
Equal Payment Plan Forms
Pre-Authorized Payment Plan - Automatic Payment Forms
MicroFIT Forms

The microFIT program was discontinued on December 1, 2017. Please visit our Generating Renewable Energy page if you need to make a change to, terminate or reassign your existing microFIT contract.

Net Metering Forms
Service Request Form
Temporary Disconnection of Service Form (Business customers)

Fill in a Request for Temporary Disconnection of Service form when:

  • Upgrading electrical service, tree-trimming, installation of siding
  • Conducting a maintenance outage
Temporary Disconnection of Service (Residential customers)
  • Residential customers who would like to arrange a disconnection or service upgrade should contact Technical Services by email at or call Customer Service at 519-822-3010.
New Construction Service Request Form
Energy and Water Reporting and Benchmarking Form for Owners of Large Buildings
Feedback Form
Insurance Claims Form
Critical Medical Device Registration Form

Fill in a Critical Medical Device Registration form to let us know if critical medical devices are being used.

  • We will make every reasonable effort to inform you ahead of time of any scheduled power outages so you can make any necessary arrangements.
  • When power is being restored after an unplanned outage, we will attempt to take the needs of customers on the list into consideration.
Report a Streetlight Out Form
  • Fill out and submit a Streetlight Out form to let us know there is a streetlight out in Guelph.
  • For streetlights out in Rockwood, call Guelph-Eramosa Township at 519-856-9951
Landlords and Property Managers
Move-In / Move-Out Forms
Other Forms
Feedback Form
Contractors, Developers and Renovators
Electrical Service Request Form
New Construction Form
Upgrading Service Form
Feedback Form