High Bill Analysis

Why Your Bill May be Higher Than Expected

Your Guelph Hydro / Alectra Utilities bill consists of charges for electricity, water and wastewater.

Electricity and water usage varies from month to month largely due to temperature and whether you are operating clothes dryers, air conditioners, electric heaters or pool pumps, for how long and at what time of day.

If your bill is higher than expected, here are some steps you can take:

  • Check to see if the length of the billing cycle was the same as the previous bill. Billing cycles vary somewhat due to weekends and holidays so, even if you use the same amount of energy per day, your bill may vary.
  • Compare your bill to the same period last year. Use MyEnergy View to view your bills online or call our Customer Service Department at 519-822-3010.
  • Determine if it is the electricity portion or the water portion that has increased over the last year. Analyze the reason for the increase.

Want to make your payments more predictable?

Sign up for an Equal Payment Plan. It evens out your energy costs throughout the year so you pay the same amount each month. Knowing what to expect will make it easier to manage your monthly expenses.