Property Manager and Landlord Services

Service to Help You Move Tenants In and Out

Guelph Hydro provides the following service to help property management companies and landlords more effectively manage the electrical service for their rental units when tenants move in or out.

Continuous Service Agreement

By signing a Continuous Service Agreement, landlords and property managers can authorize Guelph Hydro to automatically transfer responsibility for a rental unit's electricity service to them when a tenant moves out. This ensures the electricity remains in service at the property for lights, heat and appliances and that a new tenant doesn't have to request reconnection and pay the associated fees.

Under this program, the account set-up and transfer fees are also waived for landlords and property managers. We will email the landlord or property manager to notify them that a tenant has closed their account and that the service has been transferred to their account.

When we receive a move-in request for a new tenant, we will transfer the account from the landlord or property manager to the new tenant. The new tenant will be responsible for all costs, including the one-time account set-up fee of $8.75 (plus HST).

If you are interested in this program, you will need to provide us with a completed Continuous Service Agreement form. The owner of the property is the only person authorized to sign this form. If the property owner wishes to authorize a second person to sign this form, this must be indicated when the form is signed.

Please note: It is important to provide us with at least 10 business days of advance notice that you would like to open, close or update an account.

Return the completed Continuous Service Agreement by:

Email Customer Service

Fax: 519-822-0960

Mail: Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc., 395 Southgate Drive, Guelph, ON N1G 4Y1

Please note that disconnected services may require an Electrical Safety Authority inspection after being disconnected at the expense of the Landlord/Property Manager.  A reconnection fee will apply once service is restored.  Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc. and its affiliates assume no responsibility for any loss or damage to property resulting from the disconnection of electrical service.

Other Cost-Saving Services for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

If you're the owner, or landlord, of a building where multiple units are billed through one meter, you may be eligible to take advantage of consumption allowances or exemptions for each eligible unit.

Regulated Price Plan (RPP) Consumption Allowance
To determine if you qualify to benefit from Regulated Price Plan (RPP) rates for electricity, you must notify us of the number of qualifying units in your building by completing and submitting the Self-Declaration form for Multi-Unit Residential Premises.
Debt Retirement Charge (DRC) Exemption for Bulk-Metered Multi-Unit Premises

The Debt Retirement Charge (DRC) pays down the debt to the former Ontario Hydro. As of January 1, 2016, residential customers were automatically exempted from the requirement to pay the DRC on all consumption incurred after December 31, 2015.

If you are an owner of a premises where multiple units are billed though one meter, the premises is considered a Bulk Metered Multi-Unit Premises. If at least one of the units is considered an eligible residential unit, you may be exempt, in whole or in part, from the requirement to pay the DRC.

An eligible residential unit means a unit that:

  • is a self-contained set of rooms located in a building or structure
  • contains kitchen and bathroom facilities that are intended for the use of that unit only, and
  • is used or intended for use as a residential premises

If your Bulk-Metered Multi-Unit Premises has at least one Eligible Residential Unit, complete and submit the Debt Retirement Charge Notice of Exemption. The exception will not be applied retroactively.  If the bulk metered multi-unit complex is already under the Regulated Price Plan (RPP), it is still necessary to complete and submit the Debt Retirement Charge Notice of Exemption.

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