Electric Vehicles

Thinking about switching to an electric vehicle? Here is some information to help you as you explore electric vehicle ownership and home charging.

Buying or installing an electric vehicle charging unit

Charging explained
Visit the Plug'N Drive website for an introduction to electric vehicle charging
Things you need to consider before buying an electric vehicle charger

Here are some things you will need to consider before you buy an electric vehicle charging system:

If you live in a house
 Review this list of considerations before you purchase an electric vehicle charging unit, 
Location for charging unit
You must have your own garage or driveway and a safe, unobstructed location to install your charging station.
Can your home handle the electrical load?

An electric vehicle can add a significant electrical load to your home. Before investing in an electric vehicle, you should hire a licensed electrical contractor to determine whether your home can handle the increased load or whether you will need to have your electrical service upgraded.

Need help finding a licensed electrical contractor? Refer to the Electrical Safety Authority’s website.

 Required permits and inspections
Your licensed electrical contractor will take out a permit, install the charger and schedule an Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) inspection. Find out more information about this process on the Electrical Safety Authority's website.
Does Alectra Utilities / Guelph Hydro need to get involved?

Alectra Utilities (formerly Guelph Hydro) needs to get involved if:

  • Your licensed electrical contractor determines that you need to upgrade your electrical service

For assistance, contact our Technical Services Department by email at technicalservices@guelphhydro.com or telephone at 519-822-1750 ext. 4601.

If you park on the street
It is not possible to install charging stations on the street or on hydro poles. 
If you live in an apartment or condominium

The installation of an electric vehicle charger in an apartment building or condominium is a decision that must be made by the apartment building owner, property manager, condominium owner or board.

Visit the Plug ‘N Drive website for more information about condo charging.

For a business
Contact our Technical Services Department by email at technicalservices@guelphhydro.com or telephone at 519-822-1750 ext. 4601 to discuss your connection requirements.
Incentive programs for electric vehicle charging systems
Information about various incentives offered in Ontario can be found on the Plug'N Drive website

Register your electric vehicle charging unit with Guelph Hydro

Submitting your electric vehicle charger information will help us to provide safe and reliable service to our customers. It also enables us to manage and prepare for additional electrical loads coming onto the grid.

Submit your electric vehicle charger information to Guelph Hydro


Frequently asked questions

Does Guelph Hydro offer any incentives for electric vehicles or charging units?
Guelph Hydro is a regulated company and cannot use its rates to provide incentives for electric vehicles or charging units. Information about incentives provided by the federal and provincial governments can be found on the Plug 'N Drive website.
Will my electricity bills increase if I install an electric vehicle charging unit?

You will be using more electricity to charge your vehicle so your bill will reflect this change. Charge your electric vehicle during off-peak periods when the price of electricity is much lower.

Keep in mind that the cost to run a vehicle on electricity is much lower than to run one on gasoline.

What if my power goes out while my electric vehicle is charging?
An electric vehicle battery cannot be charged without electricity. Just like a mobile device, if your power is out, battery charging will be delayed until service is restored.
Where can I find a public electric vehicle charging station?
Visit the Electric Mobility Canada website for a list of maps and apps.