Net Metering

What is net metering?

Net metering is a program that allows eligible customers to send surplus electricity generated from renewable resources to the utility distribution system and to receive credit towards the energy the customer consumes from the distribution system.

For more information, review Ontario Regulation 541/05.

How does it work?

Once you have met all the technical requirements, Alectra Utilities (formerly Guelph Hydro) will install a bidirectional meter at your location. The meter measures the electricity that you draw (or consume) from the grid and it also measures the electricity that you produce (or generate) and send to the distribution system.

As per Ontario Regulation 541/05, using meter readings, on a monthly basis we will calculate the value of the energy you took (or consumed) from the grid as well as the value of the energy you sent (or generated) to the grid. You will essentially pay the difference (or "net") between the two.

What is the process to connect net metering renewable generation?
  1. Submit the following forms to the Alectra Utilities Engineering Department by email at
  2. Contact our Technical Services Department by email or by phone at 519-822-1750 ext. 4601 to obtain a copy of the electrical service layout.
  3. Make out a cheque payable to Guelph Hydro for the new net metering service connection fee. This fee covers the cost of the required bi-directional meter and its installation. The connection fee payable will depend on the type of generator installed.
    • $1,695 ($1,500 plus HST) for a single-phase generator 
    • $2,260 ($2,000 plus HST) for a three-phase generator
  4. Before the connection can take place, the cheque must be mailed to or dropped off at the following address:
    • Engineering Department, Alectra Utilities, 395 Southgate Drive, Guelph, ON N1G 4Y1
  5. Contact our Customer Service Coordinator by phone at 519-822-1750 to open a new net metering account.
  6. Contact our Engineering Department by email or by phone at 1-289-795-1681 to schedule the cut and reconnection of the meter base.
  7. Once the net metering generating facility is installed, apply to the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) to arrange for an electrical inspection to ensure the installation adheres to the ESA's Electrical Guidelines for Inverter-Based Micro-Generating Facility.
  8. Once a successful inspection has taken place, the ESA will provide Alectra Utilities with the electrical inspection "Connection Authorization."
  9. Alectra Utilities will then replace the existing meter with a bi-directional meter.
  10. Questions? Email our Engineering Department.
What if I generate more electricity than I consume?

Some months you might generate more than you consume. This might occur in the summer months when sunshine is in abundance. In these circumstances, you will accumulate generation credits that can be used towards future consumption charges.

Under Ontario Regulation 541/05, Alectra Utilities cannot pay you for excess generation. Excess generation accumulates as generation credits to be used against future consumption charges only.

What if I consume more electricity than I generate?

Some months you might consume more than you generate. During the winter months, most systems generate less electricity and you will likely draw more electricity from the grid than you produce. In these months, you will be able to use the generation credits that you have previously accumulated.

For more information, consult Ontario Regulation 541/05.

Do my generation credits expire?

Generation credits do not carry forward indefinitely. If your generation account is in a credit balance for eleven consecutive months, your generation credit balance will be brought to zero at the end of the twelfth month. This policy is in compliance with provincial legislation. For additional details, review Ontario Regulation 541/05.

How am I billed for generation and consumption?

At this time, we are billing both the generation and consumption on net metered residential accounts based on two-tiered pricing. In the future, we may bill based on Time-of-Use pricing.

Prices are set by the Ontario Energy Board on November 1. Please visit the Ontario Energy Board for more information.

Two-Tiered Regulated Price Plan prices apply to net consumption of electricity per kilowatt hour for Residential and General Service - less than 50 kilowatt - customers.
  • Rate class-specific Fixed Monthly Service charge applies to all customers
  • Rate class-specific Distribution Volumetric and Transmission Charges apply to net consumption of electricity per kilowatt hour
Regulatory Charges

Regulatory Charges cover the costs of administering the wholesale electricity system and maintaining the reliability of the provincial grid and include costs associated with funding Ministry of Energy conservation and renewable energy programs.


Regulatory TypePricing

Wholesale Market Charge applies to net consumption of electricity per kilowatt hour

$0.0059 per kilowatt hour

Standard Supply Service Administration

  • Does not apply to customers with a retail contract
$0.25 per month
What is the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) charged on?

Canada Revenue Agency considers the consumption of electricity and the generation of electricity to be two separate and distinct transactions, regardless of the fact that we "net" the two together. Therefore, we are required to charge you HST on all aspects of your consumption charges, the same as we do on all electric consumer bills. We will pay you HST on the generation charges if you are registered with the Canada Revenue Agency to collect HST. You must provide us with your HST number before we can include HST on your generation charges.

For more information, consult Ontario Regulation 541/05.

What will my monthly bill look like?

You will receive two bills with respect to your net metered home. One bill will show your electricity and water consumption charges in detail with a separate one-line item under other charges for the value of generation credits applied to that particular consumption bill.

The second bill will show your generation credits in detail with a separate one-line item under other charges for the value of generation credits transferred and applied to the consumption bill. The generation credit bill will show the opening and closing balance of any generation credit carry forwards.

For more information, consult Ontario Regulation 541/05.

What about my water charges?

Alectra Utilities bills for water and sewage on behalf of the City of Guelph. If your account bills for water, you will see water and sewage charges as a separate line item on your bill. Please be aware that we cannot apply electricity generation credits towards water or sewage charges. Electric generation credits can only be applied against electricity consumption charges.