Report a Streetlight Out

Streetlight not working or requires maintenance? Alectra Utilities does not own or operate streetlighting systems however we’re here to help you contact your municipality or region to report the issue:

Streetlight Out in Guelph

To report a broken streetlight in Guelph, please go the City of Guelph - Broken traffic light or streetlight page.

Thanks for keeping our streets safe.

Streetlight Out in Rockwood

To report a burned out light, please call 519-856-9596 ext. 120 or email

When reporting burned-out streetlights, please provide the nature of the problem, such as the light being burnt out, cycling on and off, always on during the day, etc.  Also, please provide a description of the streetlight location, such as an identifying number on the streetlight or the municipal address closest to the streetlight.