Storm Damage to Your Home or Business

Damaged mast  Damaged feeder wire

Severe weather can cause damage to electrical equipment attached to buildings. This equipment belongs to the property owner and will need to be repaired to make it safe before we can restore service. 

Who owns the electrical equipment attached to my home or business?

Typically, a property owner's ownership of electrical equipment begins where the wires attach to the house. This means the wire from the pole to the house generally belongs to Guelph Hydro / Alectra Utilities, but the wires inside the mast/pipe, the mast, and those attached to and in the house, belong to you.

If this equipment is damaged, you need to arrange repairs before we can safely reconnect power. You should start this process immediately.

Illustration of who owns meter and meter base attached to a home

Process for making repairs to damaged electrical equipment
The process to follow to have electrical equipment repaired for restoration of services is outlined in the Electrical Safety Authority's Information for Property Owners Needing Electrical Repairs After a Storm.
How to find a licensed electrical contractor to make repairs

If you suspect or know of electrical damage to your property, hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor to assess the situation and make repairs. We strongly recommend you don't attempt major electrical repairs yourself.

Note that in Ontario if you are hiring someone to do electrical work, they must be a Licensed Electrical Contractor. General handymen and other service providers cannot do this work. Using an unlicensed person will cause delays in power reconnection and may affect insurance claims.

To find a Licensed Electrical Contractor, go to the Electrical Safety Authority website and click on 'Find a Licensed Electrical Contractor in My Area.' There are more than 7,000 in Ontario.

Licensed Electrical Contractors are required to display their ESA/ECRA licence number on their work vehicle and paperwork. Look for it when you meet them.